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Secrets. Read if using a calling card from your cell?

This is our most popular question:  Will a long distance calling card work with my cell phone?

YES!  Not only will any calling card work from your cell, carriers cannot bill you extra for using them.  To make this work, you must connect to the calling card using a local number (local to your cell phone plan) or a toll-free 1-800 number.  Most of Phone Card Depot's customers program calling cards into cell phones for instant long distance at the touch of a button.


Why it works?

In substance, you are only dialing a local number.  Even if the calling card connects you to a destination number 50,000 miles away;  so, your carrier cannot bill you for any keys pressed on your cell phone after you have connected to the calling card.  For this to work, you must use a local access number or toll-free number, then you will just be charged for a local call.  You can even totally avoid being charged for a local call by using the Friends and Family calling card secret.


Caveat:  Roaming (read if using your cell while you are on vacation)

Remember that you may be charged for roaming, just like any regular cell phone call made out of your local calling area.  For example, if your phone is registered in Montreal, QC (you live there) and then you travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on vacation, you may have purchased an AVEO calling card before your trip so you can call back home to Montreal  (AVEO has has local access in Fort Lauderdale).  If you use your cell phone in Fort Lauderdale to call back to Montreal using AVEO, you will be billed for roaming by your carrier (because you are dialing a number that's not local to Montreal).  You will NOT be billed for long distance:  AVEO covers that.  This is the same roaming charge that would be incurred if you made a local call within Fort Lauderdale--to a friend staying at the beach house next to yours.  Imagine if you did not use AVEO!  You would be billed roaming and a premium long distance charge (probably about 40 cents per minute) to call back to Montreal.




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