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Yaks Prepaid Calling Card - No Connection Fee

Yak's  reviews are all positive.
Editorial Review:
Yak's new pre-paid phonecard is used by over 1 million Canadians. We found that Yak's pre-paid calling card has great rates and the minutes advertised are the minutes that you will receive. Calls to a mobile phone may have a higher rate than calls to a land line phone. Not only does Yak's pre-paid phone card have great per-minute rates, customers can take advantage of the no connection fees, no minimum talk time and no monthly fees or other sneaky charges. Calls placed from Alaska or Hawaii do however  have a surcharge of  25c/min. There is also a surcharge of 7c/min when calls are made from independent carriers in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

Customer Reviews:
G.armen (26.08.2008 06:23:25)
I love Yak long distance cards because the reception and sound quality is exceptional, even when I call overseas.
Muhammadthegr8 (25.08.2008 08:39:41)
I call my family in my back home Pakistan. Very affordable to me.
rits09 (22.08.2008 02:40:45)
I spent hours on the phone with my fiancée from Sudbury, ON to Vancouver, BC, and my call did not drop once. Truly, a smart buy!
Ineedstarbucks (18.08.2008 10:35:01)
It doesn’t matter where I am in Canada, I use the toll-free (800) number to make my long distance calls.
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