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Discontinued by provider (Lycatel).

Canada to Canada:   N/A
Customer satisfaction rate:  69.2%  

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Your PIN will be instantly sent to your email
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Attention: Lycatel stops North American operations on June 30th. Buy this calling card only if you plan to finish your balance before June 30th. No Refunds!.

Editorial Review:

Kites is the most popular and established Lycatel phone cards. Lycatel is one of the most well-known and reliable European calling card service providers. Lycatel proprietary platform provides the highest quality lines to many overseas destinations (the best for countries with connection problems). Estimated time varies from 50% to 80% of posted time. Click here to read independent review on Lycatel phone cards.

Access Numbers:
Toronto 647-428-3170   Toronto 416-640-5702
Montreal 514-315-1625   Montreal 514-904-3759
Calgary 403-451-5314   Calgary 403-444-4898
Vancouver 778-371-0230   Vancouver 604-629-5914
Kitchener 519-342-3957   Kitchener 519-772-1065
Edmonton 780-665-2135   Ottawa 613-216-2647
Hamilton 905-667-1115   Oshawa 905-443-0444
St.Catherines 905-346-3371   Windsor 519-946-3304
London 519-913-1194   Kingston 613-887-0212
Winnipeg 204-272-3046   Guelph 519-341-2472
Barrie 705-812-3921   Sherbrooke 819-780-8685
Abbotsford 604-755-8077   Halifax 902-442-5124
Brantford 519-512-1990   Belleville 613-771-2570
Newmarket 905-657-9205   Peterborough 705-536-0223
Hamilton 905-667-1115   Quebec City 418-266-3223
Lethbridge 403-388-8751   Red Deer 403-755-9838
Fort Mc. Murray 780-747-1672   Victoria 250-984-0507
604-966-3772   Rest of Canada
extra charge
Customer Service:
English 416-335-5922 or 1-888-788-6977   French 1-888-788-6932

Calling Instructions:
1. Dial local or toll free access number from the list
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number (sent via email)
3. Dial your destination number
For Canada / US: 1+...
International: 011+...
4. To place another call ##
  To redial #1
1. Dial your local city number
2. Enter Your PIN
3. Dial #*1 to save PIN
* Dial #*1 to remove PIN

Terms and Conditions:
By purchasing phone card you are accepting following terms and conditions:
Card is not refundable under any circumstances. Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
The maximum minutes advertised on this site are given for the single continues use of a 5.00/2.50 card. Calls are charged per-minute for calls lasting up to and including 2 minutes. Calls that last above 2 and up to 7 minutes will be charged per-two-minute increment. Calls that last above 7 and up to including 10 minutes will be charged per-three-minute increment. Calls that last above 10 and up to and including 15 minutes will be charged per-four-minute increment and calls lasting longer than 15 minutes will be charged per-five-minute increment. A 20¢ maintenance charge will be levied daily following first use of the card. A post call fee will be levied and is dependent on the duration of the call; the call fee will be a maximum of 33 percent of the total call charge. A disconnection fee is applicable for all calls made using this card. The disconnection fee levied is dependant on the destination called, the time at which the call is made, the length of the call and the access number used. The maximum connection charge is 35¢. Rates are applicable 24/7. Charges may vary form some public and mobile phones. We recommend that customer check the relevant charges with their mobile provider before using this product. A payphone surcharge of 5¢ per minute will be applicable if calls are made form this type of telephone. Different minutes may apply for calls made to some premium numbers, non-geographical numbers and mobile numbers. Your service provider may charge you for using our access numbers, such as 416,514,613,902,403,418,778,1888,;We will not intentionally disconnect any calls provided that there is credit available for the calls, however it may be possible that calls could be disconnected due to matters outside of our control., i.e. force majeure, carrier fault, technology fault, or human error. For any service related questions or concerns you must contact customer service of the card by calling customer service number listed above.
Please contact Customer Service of the card for more information.

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Amount of GST / HST will depend on the province of your residence:

  Ontario13% HST
  British Columbia12% HST
  Nova Scotia15% HST
  Newfoundland and Labrador  13% HST
  New Brunswick13% HST
  Alberta5% GST
  Rest of Canada5% GST
  U.S.A. originated orders0% No Tax
International orders0% No Tax

Amount of GST / HST will be calculated based on your billing address and added to the order total on the billing page.

Sales tax is included in the price of the card.
No extra GST or HST will be charged.