Buy Calling Card Online

Please note that there may be different phone cards for different type of long distance calls, phone cards designed for particular countries and regions, calling cards with no hidden fees and cards with different service fees and other charges (may provide better value for long calls to countries with high per-minute rate). Before making your selection please check our Phone Card Selection Tips.

If you are new to calling cards or you need to make a quick, safe decision, we recommend you to choose one of the calling cards, which are marked as "best for multiple calls". For this type of calling cards you may simply compare rates and select the card, which offers the best rate for your calling destination.

To select and purchase calling card online:

  • In Rate Finder area (Ontario Phone Cards home page) please choose the country you are calling to. Please note that there may be different rates to mobile phones and major cities in the same country. All such destinations are listed separately.
  • Please do not forget to choose the city, area or province you are calling from. If your city is not listed, choose a city where local calls can be made to for free from your telephone. This will ensure that only calling cards with local or toll free access in your area are listed.
  • If you are new to calling cards or you need to make a quick decision please selects "For Multiple Calls" in Phone Card Type box.
  • Click "Search".
  • Once you see the list of calling cards please compare per-minute rate for call to your calling destination. Take a note of available calling card values (denominations) and different calling card service providers.
  • If you have not selected "For Multiple Calls" please note the different calling card types. Point your mouse on "best for a few calls", "multiple calls", "fees apply" or service provider logo to get more info.
  • To get more information or purchase specific calling card online click "More Info" or "Buy Now"
  • On Phone Cards Information page examine complete calling card information and editorial review.
  • Click "Add to Cart" for your desired calling card value (denomination).
  • On Shopping Cart page review your order and if required add more calling cards.
  • Your Calling Card PIN and instructions (only if purchased online) will be instantly sent to your email address. Please enter your email address for calling card PIN delivery. To avoid misspelling you are required to enter your email address twice.
  • You then proceed to Secure Checkout and complete the secure credit card transaction with PayPal - the global leader in online payments. You may pay by any major credit card, you are not required to use or create a PayPal account. On "Review your order" page do not forget to click "Pay Now" button.
  • Your issuing bank approves your online transaction. Only the results of your transaction are then passed to Ontario Phone Cards.
  • Upon a successful transaction Ontario Phone Cards sends the following information to your email address:
    - a receipt of your online payment;
    - a separate notice for every calling card purchased online, containing the PIN, access number(s), and instructions;
    - your rebate account balance statement and pass code.
  • You receive your Online Calling Card instantly.

  • Online Shopping Safety

    We use PayPal, the global leader in online payments. Over 230 million users trust PayPal. PayPal collects your personal and credit card information directly and passes to us only your name, email, phone number and amount paid. You can enter your billing information every time, or alternatively, save your data with PayPal (create a PayPal account) and never worry about re-entering your information again; just use your email and password.