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Prepaid Phone Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards

Ontario Phone Cards offers the wide selection of Canadian Phone Cards from many leading telecom providers. We carry different types of long distance phone cards including "No-Fee", "Service Fee", cards designed and better used for a "Multiple Calls", "Few calls" and "Single Call".

Phone Cards, which are best for multiple calls are usually clean and have no hidden charges. These cards are especially good for calls to countries with low per minute rate (within Canada, to US, UK, China, European landline phones, and many more). They also good to make multiple calls to any other destination. We recommend this type of phone cards for most customers.

Phone Cards, which are best for a few calls, usually have the lowest rates. However, per-call service fees, applicable for every call, decrease the actual minutes, especially if multiple calls were made. We recommend these phone cards only when you plan to use $2.50 of the balance for 1 or 2 calls ($5 for 3-4 etc). If used properly, such phone cards are very efficient and may save up to 95% of regular call costs for calls to countries with high per minute rates. If you are new to calling cards or are not sure if cards with hidden charges will work good for your destination we recommend you to choose a phone card, which is recommended for multiple calls. (CiCi, First Choice, Premier Plus, Gold phone cards)

Ontario Phone Cards does not promote any specific phone cards or long distance companies. Our mission is to help you find the best phone card for your needs.

We constantly research phone card market and bring you the best phone cards for all your long distance needs. We do not carry or discontinue phone cards, which cheats, or starting to cheat customers. We sell phone cards from many telecom companies and we are always here to help you to choose a right card for your destination or calling needs.

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