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Editorial Review:

CiCi is one of the best and most reliable international calling cards on the Canadian long distance calling market. Per-minute rates offered by CiCi look higher than on other prepaid phone cards, but you'll get the excellent quality of line, accurate minute-by-minute billing and no fees of any kind. The minutes advertized for CiCi are the actual minutes you get for any number of calls. Long-distance service is provided by Canada's largest and most reputable supplier of prepaid calling cards, which serves approximately 70% of the Canadian calling card market, and issues over one billion long distance minutes every month. CiCi can be used from anywhere in Canada. In areas with no local access number you can use toll-free access number - 1-866-312-5247 and you will get the same rate as with any local access number (no extra fees, online calling card only).

Customer Reviews:

Excellent! - Bolt Calling Card vs CiCi
Reviewer: M who calls Iran
I normally use Bolt calling card to call Iran, but when the last time I went to buy it from local store, Bolt and other phone cards were sold out so I was in emergency needed to buy new calling card, so I found the way to purchase phone cards on internet on this web site. I tried CiCi for my regular calls to Iran and found that CiCi offers much better quality connection if compared with Bolt calling card. Also, toll free access of Cici is great (Bold only had local access numbers).

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls New Zealand, Canada
I think the card is great but there have been a few times that there is disconnection during a call.

Excellent! - Great Time vs Cost
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, United States
I have been using this card for several years and the cost factor is really reasonable! My only wish is that you could keep the same pin number and reuse it.

Reviewer: Korpijaakko who calls Canada, Finland, Brasil
Easy to obtain, easy to use, very economical.

Excellent! - Good 3 years experience
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls pakistan
Majority of the cards rip you off but cici only charges for whatever minutes you use. Great experience so far. Recommended!!!

Excellent! - Awesome Card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada Only
Strongly recommend this card. Between the no connect charges, customer service has been top notch with the one occasion I had to call them. Use this with the calling card app on the iphone and your on the way to massive long distance savings!

Excellent! - If you Love CICI
Reviewer: Donna who calls Canada
They actually have Rechargeable accounts you can sign up for, called EZCALL! It's unbelievable!

Good! - It's ok
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Algeria
It has good connection and quality but doesn't last long

Excellent! - love CiCi calling card
Reviewer: C who calls USA
Beautiful, I love the CiCi cards, very affordable, been using them for along time with no troubles.

Excellent! - Excellent Quality and rate.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Australia and India

Excellent! - The best Card ever......
Reviewer: Michaela who calls Germany, within Canada, toUSA
have been using CiCi cards for the past 2 years, and have never had a bad experience with it. The rates are awesome (way cheaper than the local telephone company), and I am able to call from any phone.

Excellent! - happy customer :)
Reviewer: SG who calls many countries
Just wanted to say that I'm really happy with the service your website provides. It's quick and easy. I used to hate calling cards but honestly, love your website/company. Thanks!

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls canada
It would be even better if I could top up my existing card so I could keep using the same PIN.

Excellent! - Big fan of CiCi
Reviewer: elvin medina who calls Dominican Republic
I love it, just wish the minutes rate where a little less,… Overall all good!

Excellent! - Best Yet
Reviewer: NL who calls Canada, USA, UK
I have used CiCi in the past. Have had other cards but they expired in 30 days or 3 months (read the fine print). Getting another CiCi card today.

Excellent! - Simply the Best!!!
Reviewer: Shafiq who calls Bangladesh
This is the best calling card I have used so far. Crystal clear audio quality and great for making multiple calls. Recommendation for improvement would be to remove expiry date from cards or at least extend it to a year.

Excellent! - Best card so far…
Reviewer: ambet who calls Hongkong
5 dollars CiCi phone card that I bought allowed me to use several times and no connection fee ever.

Good! - Great card BUT beware that the card expires in 6 months
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls US and Canada
Great card BUT beware that the card expires in 6 months - I got burned - it's in the fine print of course - I never noticed

Excellent! - CiCi is better than all other calling cards!
Reviewer: S who calls Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria
I call to Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria. CiCi works great for all my calls. The only other card I use is Ertebat (special card for Afghanistan).

Excellent! - Never had any issues with CiCi
Reviewer: R who calls USA
I've always used CiCi for calling long distance, and I've never had any issues w/them.

Excellent! - This card is worth every penny
Reviewer: Rena who calls Germany
I like this phone card because there is never a penny taken off for not using it for a while. I have used other cards and if I did not use it for a week or 2, there was always a deduction. The CiCi card is definitely worth the money, I would pay A LOT more using any of the phone company's long distance plans.

Excellent! - Great Card
Reviewer: Dianne who calls CANADA
I have used this card for over a year now, it is great, I used to use one that when you called it sounded different, kind of hollow. This sounds exactly the same. It sure cuts down on the phone bill ;-)

Excellent! - Good and reliable.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls uruguay australia

Excellent! - Calling to Swedish mobile phones.
Reviewer: Swedish Connection who calls Sweden
I spend about $200 a month on CiCi phone cards (Four fifty dollar denomination cards). The person that I call lives in Sweden and has a mobile phone. There is never a problem with connection (the access number on some of the other calling cards that I have tried are frequently busy during peak hours). The audio is crystal clear, and the minutes advertised are the minutes that I get (unlike some other cards). I have tried many cards and CiCi is by far the BEST!

Excellent! - Good
Reviewer: Ling T who calls China
Good quality and Cheap

Excellent! - CiCi is the best option for call from NWT
Reviewer: Jane who calls Canada, USA
In NWT, we have no place to buy phone cards in stores. Here I can get CiCi online. Site is open 24/7 and it’s easy to use. In fact CiCi calling card is the only card, which gives acceptable rate for calls from NWT. Too bad that we have no more alternatives. Anyway good to have this phone card store online.

Excellent! - A1 can't get any better
Reviewer: Dianne who calls Canada
This phone card is excellent, you can get it on the net in seconds. The sound is perfect. The price is perfect. I used to call my sister, and she always complained, she said you sound like your talking into a tin can. Not now, she says, now you sound like you. I cant see how you could even try to improve. Excellent!

Excellent! - Excellent
Reviewer: R P who calls Canada, NWT
Definitely the Card to buy. Phoning from NWT. Have used other cards and they charge Disconnection Fees which will use up over a $1.00's worth on the value of the card each time the call ends. This card did not lose any value even though it took several months to use up the value. Some of the other ones seems cheaper but in actual fact are way more expensive, especially if you are making more then one call. They also seem to calculate the time closer to the second unlike other cards that seem to do it per minute.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Egypt
The connection was great and i got great airtime.

Good! - It's good.
Reviewer: Antonio who calls Argentina and Panama
I mostly call Argentina from Canada. Connection is perfect. It hasn't cut off yet and I call my wife who's their everyday. Minutes are exact. My only problem is that you get so little minutes for $5. The best card I tried so far thou and I been through a lot!

Not bad! - Unreliable audio quality
Reviewer: Jordan who calls Japan
I've been using CiCi cards for 3 years now with approximately 2 hours per week from Canada to Japan (landline; very infrequently to mobile), and I although I continue to buy them, I am not impressed with the quality of audio. There is so much lag and break-up that it makes it very difficult to have a fluent conversation without always stopping to ask the caller to repeat themselves. Having said that, I have only had problems getting through twice and that was solved shortly after. I just wish the audio quality was better and I would rate this card 4/5 stars instead of 2. It works, but just don't expect very good sound.

Excellent! - Very good card to Ukraine Mobile
Reviewer: James who calls Ukraine - Mobile
This card worked well at various times of the day to Ukraine Mobile phones. Minimum retrying and no hidden fees is nice, though the per minute rate is a bit more expensive, you get what you pay for. I would recommend it.

Excellent! - Excellent....never any real problems!!
Reviewer: Thomas who calls Colombia
Excellent....never any real problems!! Calling South America is easy any reliable every time! Thanks!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls US
Excellent value for my money. Very please and will buy again.

Good! - cici good in canada to expensive for international
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada & U.K.
CiCi has a good canadian rate but not a good international rate.

Excellent! - This is the best
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, US
CiCi is the only one I use anymore. There really are no connection fees! My only complaint is that when I call my sister in the NWT, the cost/minute goes way up. But I just get her to call me back.

Excellent! - Fantastic Card
Reviewer: Ron who calls Canada USA
I really like the card I use it regularly and for 2.9 cents per minute very hard to beat. Easy to use as well. Gooood going CiCi......

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
Easy to use, nice to be able to buy over internet...can also find in local stores. Card charges no connection fees and clearly states how many minutes you have left on card. Only think missing from these type of cards is that I would like to know length of time left to use card. They don't do this I assume because if the card runs out it is to their advantage.

Excellent! - Great value
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada

Excellent! - Good clear connections
Reviewer: Dan in Cornwall who calls Yemen
CiCi is the best one we have used for calls to Yemen. We have a local access number and 90 percent of the time the connection is very good. When the call doesn't go through for any reason this card does not deduct $1 like some of the other cards. Pretty much you are paying for time used. Although it seems more expensive in the long run it isn't.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Australia mobile
Cannot add minutes to existing card. Time runs out, then redial with next card. Connection is good; not great.

Not bad!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India
The connection was not very good at all when calling India.

Excellent! - excellent card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Saudi-cell
good quality. best thing is real minutes, when it says a minute u feel 1 whole minute pass.

Good! - Great Line Quality, but you pay for it.
Reviewer: G. Scott who calls Bangladesh
CiCi phone card is excellent for people who are not a budget restriction. It has great quality on the line - "virtually next door" sound quality - and has an easy system to follow. Only catch is the cost per min. I guess you get what you pay for. For the money and the quality on the line I would defiantly purchase this card again.

Excellent! - Very reliable phone card
Reviewer: Tretrop who calls Germany

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India
Because of your honesty

Good! - Good but......
Reviewer: Dave who calls Canada
I use your phone card exclusively and buy it in different places each time I need a new one. Most places charge the flat fee of $5, $10, $20. I have had at least a couple of places add on tax and charge more than the fee printed on the card. Your website says tax is included. So are these stores that are overcharging me, ripping me off? Is that money going into their pockets? Thanks.

Not bad!
Reviewer: dili who calls Iran
It worked out great the first day and it connected the first time. Next day, I called a million times and my call did no go through and after a while it said my card is already in use.

Not bad! - Watch Out
Reviewer: Lou who calls US, Canada, Europe
This company charges $1 extra for calls from a pay phone, even if the call is not completed, and even if the phone is not a pay phone and they think it is.

Excellent! - Great!
Reviewer: Ellie who calls Canada
It lated forever and ever!

Excellent! - Best card I've tried to date.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada/USA
I've had my share of disappointments with phone cards but CiCi is pretty good. I got the 10 dollar card and used it for several months. I'm just gonna buy again.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, India
Nothing negative to report on this card.