Intrenational Mobile Recharge Online

International Mobile Recharge Service enables to support friends and family living abroad in more than 60 countries. You may now send prepaid cellular minutes to mobile phones from more than 150 cell phone providers. Your credit will be instantly added to your friend's or relative's phone upon credit card payment.

To instantly add a credit to your friend's or relative's mobile phone:

1. Choose a country to where you want to send a mobile recharge (left side of this screen).

2. Choose a mobile operator from the list available in selected country.

3. Enter your friend or relative phone number (without country code).

4. Select an amount in CAD or USD you want to add to your relative or friend's phone.

5. You instantly see how much credit will be received in local currency.

6. Click "recharge now" and pay using your Canadian or American credit card.

7. Your friend or relative instantly receives a text message confirming the credit.

Your credit card will only be charged in case of successful mobile phone recharge.

This service is provided in association with Ezetop, the leader of international mobile phone recharge.

We do not charge any extra service fees or Canadian taxes. Amount you pay is an amount to be added to your friend's or relative's prepaid cellular account.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take for credit to be added to yours or your beneficiary account?

A. Credit is added to your account instantly as soon as your credit card has been charged. This is much better than some other websites, that process your top-up manually taking up to 12 hours to add credit to your account.

Q. Is there any additional fees or taxes?

A. Unlike other websites or regular stores we do not charge service fee, Canadian or U.S. sales taxes. You only pay an amount to be credited to your beneficiary cellular account.

Q. Can I use my own (Canadian, American or other country) credit card, or do I need a credit card issued in the same country as my SIM card?

A. You can use your own credit card. Your credit card will be billed in Canadian or American Dollars, and you beneficiary account will receive a top-up in local currency. Some networks (such as AT&T and T-Mobile USA) only accept credit cards issued in that country; buying your mobile credit top-up from us lets you get around this limitation.