Welcome to Ontario Phone Cards, your premier source of long distance and international calling cards for calls from all of Canada. Unlike other stores we offer prepaid phone cards from many competing long distance carriers and service providers. Our online phone card store allows you to search rates, compare calling cards from competing providers and buy any calling card online.
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About Ontario Phone Cards:

We offer the widest selection of calling cards and phone cards for calls from Canada to all domestic and international destinations. (Please note that calling cards, telephone cards, prepaid phone cards, international calling cards, long distance calling cards or phone cards refer to the same prepaid long-distance calling service.)

Different calling cards may be issued by different calling card providers and may offer different calling quality to different countries. Unlike other stores, Ontario Phone Cards allows to search, compare and purchase phone cards issued by numerous competing calling card service providers on a sole online calling card store.

Many cheap calling cards have hidden service charges or connection fees. Ontario Phone Cards is the only online calling card store, which clearly identifies all calling cards with "No Fees", "No Hidden Fees" or "Fees Apply" labels. For new or for casual customers we recommend calling cards marked on our site with "No Fees" or "No Hidden Fees" labels. Read more about pros and cons of calling card fees.

All Canadian Calling Cards could be used from mobile phones with no extra charges (same rates as from landline phones). Read more about using calling cards from cellular phones.

Check our Phone Card Selection Guide for more information.

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