Welcome to Ontario Phone Cards, your premier source of long distance and international calling cards for calls from all of Canada. Unlike other stores we offer prepaid phone cards from many competing long distance carriers and service providers. Our online phone card store allows you to search rates, compare calling cards from competing providers and buy any calling card online.
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More info on Gold Phone Card

Gold Calling Card

15¢ charge applies after 3rd minute of call.
A 7% charge applies to the rate after 3rd minute.  More info

More info on Talk Talk Phone Card

Talk Talk Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees.
Calling card expires 7 days after the first use. More info

More info on Asia One Phone Card
Top Seller

Asia One Calling Card

Network by China's leading telecom provider.
No Fees! Real Minutes! PIN-less dialing! More info

More info on SIFA Phone Card

SIFA Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include service fees. More info

SIFA Phone Card

SIFA calling card has been discontinued due to unresolved technical issues with SIFA service provider.

We recommend CiCi, Gold, Chit Chat or Lyca Calling Card as a reliable replacement..

More info on Talk Middle East Phone Card

Talk Middle East

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

More info on Africa Call Phone Card
Top Seller

Africa Call Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

Africa Call Phone Card

Africa Call card provides excellent quality and unbeatable minutes for most African and Middle East destinations. Africa Call is the most efficient if $2.50 prepaid balance is used for 1 or 2 calls or $5 balance is used for up to 4 calls. Africa Call phone card is also good for any number of short calls (under 3 minutes each). This may help you to check if other party is available for long telephone conversation.

More info on 20/20 Phone Card

20/20 Calling Card

20¢ applies daily after the first use. Guaranteed Minutes! More info

20/20 Phone Card

For the last 12 years 20/20 phone card has kept one of the most competitive rates in the industry. Good connection and voice quality, very stable and reliable company-provider (GoldLine, same as for Gold and CiCi calling cards).

Starting from February 20/20 card is billed in blocks of one minute. This calling card now delivers all advertised minutes and could be used for any number of calls without loss of balance. But please note that 20¢ maintenance fee will be deducted from the remaining balance of your card every day after the first call (no fee until the first use).

Phone Cards, which are best for a few calls, usually have the lowest rates. However, per-call service fees, applicable for every call, decrease the actual minutes, especially if multiple calls were made. We recommend these phone cards only when you plan to use $2.50 of the balance for 1 or 2 calls ($5 for 3-4 etc). If used properly, such phone cards are very efficient and may save up to 95% of regular call costs for calls to countries with high per minute rates. If you are new to calling cards or are not sure if cards with hidden charges will work good for your destination we recommend you to choose a phone card, which is recommended for multiple calls.

More info on Talk Asia Phone Card

Talk Asia Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

Talk Asia Phone Card

Please note that Primus has recently increased per call service fees and delivered time for this calling card may be significantly lower than advertized. Ontario Phone Cards recommends considering calling cards with guaranteed minutes as a better alternative.

More info on CiCi Euro Phone Card
Top Seller

CiCi Euro Calling Card

CiCi with better rates to Europe!
Absolutely No Fees! Guaranteed Minutes! More info

CiCi Euro Phone Card

The same CiCi Calling Card, but with better rates for Austria, Belgium, Zech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom. Rates to most other destinations are the same as with regular CiCi calling card, but for some countries could be higher. CiCi Euro Calling Card has it's own list of access numbers and cannot be used with regular CiCi access number.

CiCi is one of the best, and most popular and reliable phone cards on the long distance market! CiCi offers excellent quality of line, accurate minute-by-minute billing and no fees of any kind. The minutes advertized are the minutes you actually get for any number of calls. Service is provided by Canada's largest and most reputable supplier of prepaid long distance calling cards. CiCi phone card could be used from anywhere in Canada. In areas with no local access numbers you can use toll-free access number - 1-866-374-4620 (online CiCi Euro calling card only); you will get the same rate as with any local access number (no extra fees).

Phone Cards, which are best for multiple calls are usually clean and have no hidden charges. These cards are especially good for calls to countries with low per minute rate (within Canada, to US, UK, China, European landline phones, and many more). They also good to make multiple calls to any other destination. We recommend this type of phone cards for most customers.

More info on CiCi Latino Phone Card
Top Seller

CiCi Latino Calling Card

Better rates to Latin America!
Absolutely No Fees! Guaranteed Minutes! More info

More info on CiCi Asia Phone Card
Top Seller

CiCi Asia Calling Card

CiCi with better rates to China and Asia!
Absolutely No Fees! Guaranteed Minutes! More info

Please make sure to choose the city or calling area you will be calling from. If your city is not listed, choose a city where local calls can be made to for free from your phone. For example call could be made for free from Brampton (905 area code) to Toronto (416 area code). If you have unlimited Canada or North America calling plan please select "Toronto" (all Canada calling cards have access numbers for Toronto).

More info on Good Chat Phone Card

Good Chat Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

More info on Talk Africa Phone Card

Talk Africa Calling Card

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

More info on Talk Latin America Phone Card

Talk Latin America

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees. More info

Ontario Phone Cards offers the widest selection of calling cards and phone cards for calls from Canada to all domestic and international destinations. (Please note that calling cards, telephone cards, prepaid phone cards, international calling cards, long distance calling cards or phone cards refer to the same prepaid long-distance calling service.)

Different calling cards may be issued by different calling card providers and may offer different calling quality to different countries. Unlike other stores, Ontario Phone Cards allows to search, compare and purchase phone cards issued by numerous competing calling card service providers on a sole online calling card store.


Many cheap calling cards have hidden service charges or connection fees. Ontario Phone Cards is the only online calling card store, which clearly identifies all calling cards with "No Fees", "No Hidden Fees" or "Fees Apply" labels. For new or for casual customers we recommend calling cards marked on our site with "No Fees" or "No Hidden Fees" labels. Read more about pros and cons of calling card fees.

All Canadian Calling Cards could be used from mobile phones with no extra charges (same rates as from landline phones). Read more about using calling cards from cellular phones.

Check our Phone Card Selection Guide for more information.

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