Turbo Phone Card

best for a few calls fees apply...

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees.

Canada to Canada:   N/A
Customer satisfaction rate:  64.1%  

Your PIN will be instantly sent
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Your PIN will be instantly sent to your email
 Card Value Minutes QTY  
$5.00 Turbo prepaid phone card
$5.00 CAD

Card expires 7 days after the first use or one year after the purchase.


Editorial Review:

Turbo phone card is one of the most popular ILinks phone cards. Turbo offers very good quality of service and attractive rates for many calling destinations. ILink (supplier of this calling card) does not provide regular rate updates (not even new posters), therefore we offer Turbo and other ILinks calling cards "as is" with no published rates and no rate guarantee. You may purchase Turbo only based on it’s reputation and other customers' recommendations.

As alternative to ILinks calling cards we recommend number of other calling cards marked on our site as “Guaranteed Minutes” or “Best for Multiple Calls”. We provide rates and guarantee delivery of all advertised minutes for these calling cards. We recommend to consider our best selling calling cards: Lyca Star, CiCi Euro, CiCi Asia, CiCi, All Time and many more. On our web site you may compare and buy most reliable calling cards from many competing service providers.

Access Numbers:
Toronto 416-477-5555   Montreal 514-448-3711
Toronto 416-848-5555   Montreal 514-477-0555
Ottawa 613-366-0555   Quebec City 418-948-0127
Ottawa 613-482-2178   Oshawa 289-634-5555
Hamilton 289-639-5555   K.Waterloo 519-804-9000
Hamilton 905-481-0000   K.Waterloo 519-489-2010
London 226-289-3333   Guelph 226-706-5555
London 519-488-4222   Guelph 519-341-0170
Barrie 705-881-5555   St. Catherines 289-438-5555
Vancouver 604-283-5555   Calgary 403-879-5555
Vancouver 604-484-4655   Calgary 403-770-2237
Edmonton 780-851-5555   Halifax 902-482-6724
Edmonton 780-669-0155   New Market 289-366-0111
Winnipeg 204-480-4610   New York 646-822-1984
Sherbrook 819-340-1344   Victoria 250-483-3038
Windsor 519-962-2004   Kingston 613-817-5555
Windsor 226-946-5555   Brantford 226-227-5555
      Other regions 1-866-345-6415
surcharge applies
Attention: $2.50 and $5 cards may use different lists of access numbers.
Please make sure to use access numbers supplied in your calling card email.
Customer Service: dial local city access number and press 1#.

Calling Instructions:
1. Dial local or toll free access number from the list
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number (sent via email)
3. Dial your destination number
For Canada / US: 1+...
International: 011+...
4. To place another call ##
1. Dial your local city number
2. Enter Your PIN
3. Dial #15## to save PIN
* Dial #16## to remove PIN

Applicable charges:
  Usage is based on 3 – minute billing increment.
  A daily maintenance fee of 29¢ will be levied following the first use of phone card. This additional cost will affect the minutes you may achieve using this calling card.
  Additional charges of 80¢ may apply for calls made through public telephones.
Terms and Conditions:
  Phone Card is not refundable under any circumstances.
  Liabilities are limited to the value of the phone card only.
  Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
  Calling Card expires one week after the first use or one year after the purchase.
  Extra charges applicable on usage of overseas mobile phones, audio text, premium numbers or on non geographical numbers.
  Additional charges of 50¢ may apply on calls made through public telephones.
  A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular telephone networks beyond our control. Phone cards has 90 minutes auto cut-off security feature. Prices are based on using local access numbers. Additional surcharge on using toll free number. A thirty present service charge applies after each call. The disconnection fee levied depends on destination called, time call made, duration of the call and the access number used.
  For any service related questions you must contact Customer Service of the card listed below.

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Amount of GST / HST will depend on the province of your residence:

  Ontario13% HST
  British Columbia12% HST
  Nova Scotia15% HST
  Newfoundland and Labrador  13% HST
  New Brunswick13% HST
  Alberta5% GST
  Rest of Canada5% GST
  U.S.A. originated orders0% No Tax
International orders0% No Tax

Amount of GST / HST will be calculated based on your billing address and added to the order total on the billing page.

Sales tax is included in the price of the card.
No extra GST or HST will be charged.