Unlimited North America

best for multiple calls no fees

Unlimited calls to Canada and U.S.A.
$15 for 30 days period. Use from multiple phones***.
No PIN to enter every time (press **6 to save PIN).

Canada to United States:   N/A
Customer satisfaction rate:  85.2%  

Your PIN will be instantly sent
to your email
Your PIN will be instantly sent to your email
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$15.00 Unlimited North America phone card
$15.00 CAD
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out of stock

Unlimited North America has been discontinued by service provider.

Please check the list of calling cards with guaranteed minutes to find a better replacement.

We recommend Lyca PIN Less with 0.5¢/min rate for calls within Canada and 0.7¢/min rate for calls to the United States (no fess, no expiry, no time limits).

Access Numbers:

City Number   City Number
Toronto 647-727-4590   Montreal 514-225-2427
Brantford 519-805-4948   Calgary 403-456-2342
Edmonton 587-881-1580   Hamilton 905-218-6951
Kingston 613-877-4605   Kitchener 519-279-1893
London 519-266-3851   Montreal 514-225-2427
Nanaimo 250-734-4650   Newmarket 289-841-3197
Oshawa 905-233-4645   Ottawa 613-656-1735
Quebec City 418-694-7262   Regina 306-569-1241
Saskatoon 306-653-3453   Sherbrooke 819-346-8069
St. John's NF 709-758-8605   Toronto 647-727-4590
Vancouver 778-588-7868   Victoria 250-953-6708
Windsor 519-997-4784   Winnipeg 204-289-2966
      Rest of Canada  
no extra charge
Customer Service: 1-877-925-4232

Calling Instructions (PIN setup or first time use):
1. Dial access number from the list
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number
3. To save the PIN for PIN-less dialing from this phone dial **6
4. Dial your destination number
For Canada / US: 1+...
5. To place another call dial: ##
Calling Instructions (PIN-less, once PIN is saved):
1. Dial access number from the list
2. Dial your destination number
For Canada / US: 1+...
3. To place another call dial: ##
  If you need to remove already saved PIN dial **6 again

Terms and Conditions:
  Phone Card is not refundable under any circumstances.
  Liabilities are limited to the value of the phone card only.
  Fair use limit of ninety (90) minutes applies per call.  Fair use limit of three thousand (3000) minutes applies per thirty (30) days. Card may be deactivated for use beyond limit.
  Payphones and phone numbers outside St. John’s, Newfoundland, non-Bell Canada exchanges in Quebec, Northwest Territories (867, 907), or northern British Columbia (250) are ineligible for card registration.
  Calls may not terminate to Northwest Territories (867, 907) and northern British Columbia (250) and destinations outside the continental United States.
  Additional charge of 75˘ applies for calls made through public payphones.
  If the registered usage phone number is a wireless phone number, Customer is responsible for local airtime charges for the duration of the call applied by the wireless service provider
  For any service related questions you must contact Customer Service of the card listed below.

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Amount of GST / HST will depend on the province of your residence:

  Ontario13% HST
  British Columbia12% HST
  Nova Scotia15% HST
  Newfoundland and Labrador  13% HST
  New Brunswick13% HST
  Alberta5% GST
  Rest of Canada5% GST
  U.S.A. originated orders0% No Tax
International orders0% No Tax

Amount of GST / HST will be calculated based on your billing address and added to the order total on the billing page.

Sales tax is included in the price of the card.
No extra GST or HST will be charged.