International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards, Prepaid International Calling Cards or Phone Cards are normally referred to the same prepaid method of international long distance calling.

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International Calling Cards or Travel Calling Cards

In some cases International Calling Cards are referred to special type of calling cards, which could be used from abroad, more known as Travel Calling Cards.

Most calling card service providers operate in one or in a few countries and do not have access numbers in other countries, therefore most calling cards purchased in one country could not be used for calls from other countries.

Special Travel International Calling Cards could be purchased in one country (i.e. in Canada) and could be used for calls from many international destinations. Such calling cards could be purchased before travelling and could be used from abroad to avoid very high hotel long distance charges. This makes Travel Calling Cards a popular choice for people who plan to international travel and want to avoid unexpected expenses.

However customers need to know that calls from abroad using Travel Calling Cards are still more expensive than calls to the same country from you home country. For example, it is very expensive to call Canada from hotels in Dominican Republic, customers may save by using Travel Calling Cards, however it still cheaper to call Dominican Republic from Canada using regular Canadian Calling Cards. Extra charges are used to coven the extra cost of using international telephone infrastructure, which does not normally belong to (Canadian) calling card service providers.

Ontario Phone Cards offers Red Cross Calling Card, which could be used form Canada, U.S.A. and many international destinations.