Long-distance Calling Cards

Long-distance Calling Cards, Prepaid Long-distance Phone Cards or Calling Cards normally refer to the same prepaid method of international long distance calling (you buy or prepay your long distance phone in advance).

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Long-distance Phone Cards: General information

Long-distance calling cards are supposedly and evidently are being termed as a very affordable means for getting in touch with your far off relations. Long-distance phone cards are those type of calling cards that tend to be prepaid in their nature and these come with specific number of minutes for which the user pays prior to use these. Long distance calling cards are very much recommended and advised as a very affordable means of contacting the overseas relations, associations and dealings. Any one on international business dealing, on an overseas educational training or even on a trip to other countries can make a use of long distance phone cards without any sort of inconveniences and loads of money being spent on overseas and international calls. Longdistance phone cards or longdistance calling cards as these are more commonly known are there to make international calling system a mere bridge to contact the far off ends with convenience and affordability.

Long-distance Calling Cards help to keep in touch with friends and family

Long-distance calling cards help to keep in touch with friends and family in both ways if you are living in a foreign country or if your friends, family or other relations living in other parts of the world. These long distance calling cards are a relatively inexpensive way to connect internationally via phone with your relatives, family and associates. There are several mediums that have been devised in this modern world to get connected with the farthest parts of the world. Whether you are a student getting higher education in foreign lands, a business man looking for international contacts in another country or just a tourist exploring through different countries; you can make a very good use of long distance phone cards. Having a long talk with your family or friends can really make you feel closer to them in case feeling lonely without them. And, this is the main reason why long distance phone cards can provide with this blessing at a very affordable rate. These provide you the chance for remaining in contact with your loved ones for as longer as you can afford.

Long distance calling cards as a better alternative

You no longer need to get a service for overseas calls on your phone nor you are required to pay for high roaming charges for your cell phone overseas calls. These mediums can surely get you through but there is one thing attached with these. Be it an international dialing service on your land line phone or be it international roaming system on your cell phone; you will eventually be paying quite handsome amounts to get in touch with your international friends and family. On the other hand, longdistance calling cards appear as a better alternative as compared to the rest of the alternatives. These longdistance phone cards are not only easy to use but very affordable as well. These cards do not put a strain on anyone's wallet who tends to get connected for international calls. Besides this, you can get internet connectivity with these cards as well. There tend to be a varied range of such cards and you can choose the one according to your budget.

How Long-distance Calling Cards Work

Long-distance calling cards tend not only to be inexpensive but these are very easy to use as well. These cards come with a specific amount of minutes to be used though you are required to pay for these before. Unlike the land line phone number where you have to acquire the international dialing facility and the monthly bills come topped with not only the call charges but many hidden costs as well. In a very sharp contrast to these, long distance phone cards provide with a facility where you know exactly as what you are paying for how many minutes. The long distance calling cards come with a very low call rate that tends to be specific per minute and there tends to be no such hidden charges being involved in these. You can use these calling cards both from your registered phone number and from unregistered number like calling from an overseas telephone booth.

Procedure of operating long-distance calling cards

The longdistnace calling cards follow a very simple procedure to be operated upon. These cards come with a specific PIN number.

  • Dial the access number being printed on the card. Long distance phone cards come with access number which is to be dialed in order to receive telephonic instructions and to know the amount of balance along with the number of minutes.
  • Enter the PIN code which is also given on the card. This PIN code is usually meant for unregistered phone numbers. In case, of making a call from a registered number, you do not need to enter this code.
  • Enter the desired number along with international dialing code, city or country code. The destination or the desired number comes right at the end following the earlier said required codes.
  • This is the whole procedure of making use of long-distance phone cards. And, this process is absolutely not difficult to be executed. The easiness of this procedure further makes the use of longdistnace phone cards a convenient one. Otherwise, going for different international dialing companies and that too by paying high call charges turns out to be a bit upsetting. These long distance calling cards usually tend to be paid as prepaid charges but there are those companies as well which offer the facility of paying the charges from the registered phony number bill. The prepaid payments are usually done in cash but at times, credit cards payments are also being taken.

    Benefits of using Long-distance Phone Cards

    There are numerous benefits of using long-distance phone cards.

  • Inexpensive: These longdistnace calling cards are a considerably inexpensive calling facility for international dialing. These come with per minute charges with no hidden taxes and high roaming charges. The user can avail as many minutes as are desired knowing not only the specific quantity of minutes but knowing what he or she is paying exactly for these. This can really help in cutting down the expenses in form of international calls being done from a normal land line or cell phone number.
  • A source of connecting with family: While being on any sort of tourism venture, a job or an educational training in any foreign land comes with heavy amounts of home sicknesses. In such scenarios, you need to talk to your family for very long time. Long distance calling cards can be used as a convenient source of connecting with family and relatives. You can get to have as many minutes as you want in form of longdistance phone cards that come with a very low call rate.
  • Convenience of use: Long-distance phone cards come with a convenience of use. You are not required to ask for different international calling packages on your land line number that comes with expensive international call rates. Nor, you are required to go for high roaming charges in case of going for international roaming on your cell phone. By using these cards, you not only pay for those minutes only that you want to use but you get very affordable call rates as well. Besides this, there are long-distance calling cards available for different countries. You can choose one for your desired place by paying its respective call charges.
  • Handiness of longdistance phone cards: Longdistnace phone cards are very handy to use. You are not bound to use these only from a registered phone number. You can use these from any unregistered number as well. While being in a foreign country, you can make a very good use of these cards because these are easily available in every place. You can get a card whenever you want to be in contact with you family instead of getting a land line number and going for high priced international calls. Tourists specifically all over the world tend to use these long distance calling cards due to this very handiness of usage.
  • Economical option for business usage

    Long-distance phone cards are not only a good option for personal use but these come as a very economical option for the business usage as well. There are many such employees who get to travel for certain job requirements to other countries. Instead of paying for their expensive international roaming cell phone charges, they can be asked to make use of long-distance calling cards as well. These tend to cut short quite a handsome amount of money being wasted in form of high international roaming charges. The employees can make use of these cards while being in a foreign country not only to report back to their head offices but to remain in contact with their families as well.

    Maintaining the budget for international calls

    With the help of long distance calling cards, you surely can keep a check on your monthly international calling expenses. You can chalk out as how many minutes you need to use and how many you can afford to use.

    These benefits and usages make long-distance calling cards a preferable option for long distance and international calls. You can make a very affordable deal from Ontario Phone Cards. Please check wide array of Long-distance Phone Cards at Ontario Phone Cards .