Prepaid Phone Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid Phone Cards, Prepaid Calling Cards, or Calling Cards usually refer to the same prepaid method of making international long distance calling (customer prepay for a specific number of minutes and this prepaid calling time is reduced each time a prepaid phone card is used).

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Prepaid Calling Cards: General Information

Prepaid phone cards have become a very significant communication bridge in this modern world. There are many of us who are in the habit of making use of these prepaid calling cards primarily due to the convenience of use along with the affordability that these offer in return. These prepaid calling cards come with an affordable rather a low call rate and these are to be paid in advance before making a call through these. These pre-paid phone cards are an inexpensive source of making both local and international calls. The expediency and feasibility of these pre-paid calling cards is very much evident through the fact that these have become a very preferable choice of a large number of cell phone and fixed phone users. In this era, everything is supposed to be very fast and same is the case with communicational means. These prepaid calling cards come as a very handy option when these are used either as prepaid long-distance calling cards or as local calling cards. These are convenient for every one be it a businessman, a student or a traveler exploring other regions of world.

Pre-paid calling cards for every type of phone

Pre-paid calling cards not only come with low call rates but these come with a very evident easiness of usage. The pre-paid phone cards can be used from any type of telephone ranging from a registered, an unregistered to the modern cell phone. These cards come with a very easy application that enables these to be executed through any type of phone. There are a hoard of such companies which come with a varied range of prepaid calling cards so that the users can choose whatever suits their suitability and requirement.

Procedure of making a call through prepaid calling cards

It follows a very simple procedure if it is desired to make a local or international call by making use of prepaid phone cards. These prepaid cards come with a toll free access number. The call to this very access number is free of cost for the consumer and the company from which the card has been bought pays for it. Besides this access number, there is a PIN code given on that very card. In case, you are using a prepaid calling card from a registered number then, you do not need to enter that PIN code but in case of an unregistered number, PIN code gets to be entered. So the whole procedure is

  • Dial the toll free access number
  • Get the instructions, total telephone time and balance
  • Enter the PIN code if it is an unregistered phone number
  • Enter the codes of the desired place be it a country or a city and then enter the destination number
  • This is the usual procedure or using prepaid calling cards via a land line or a cell phone or a public phone.

    Prepaid calling card usage on modern phones

    Be it communicational gadgets or means, loads of progress has been made in this very field. While coming across so many new types of calling cards, a new generation of modern cell phones can also be witnessed. So, there are many such fellows as well who face the confusion whether the prepaid phone cards are compatible with the new generation of modern cell phones or not. Well, even a smart phone like iphone can also make a use of these pre-paid phone cards. It has been mentioned above that these calling cards are convenient to use from any type of telephone ranging from a land line to a cell phone. As far as the modern and highly technical cell phones are concerned, a call can surely be made through these by prepaid calling cards. In mostly cell phones and land line phones, there is storage of telephone numbers in a specific memory storage location. The PIN number and the access number of the pre-paid calling cards can also be stored in there. And, calls can be made for that specific period of time which has been paid already. As far as the smart phones like an iphone is concerned, there comes different calling cards software which can be installed in these prior to the use of a calling card.

    Different types of prepaid calling cards

    There are mainly two types of prepaid calling cards. One is called stored value phone cards and the other is called remote memory system phone cards. Both of these types are pretty much in use but a majority uses remote memory system phone cards. Stored value phone cards are those cards which come with a magnetic strip or chip that contains the total amount of balance and this information is right there on the card itself. A remote memory system phone card is the one where whole of the information stores in an external database and information gets to be acquired by making a call to that very access number.

    Stored value phone cards VS remote memory phone cards

    Both of thee cards get to be used by a huge number of prepaid calling cards users. But still a difference is to be seen in the increased usage of remote memory phone cards. Stored value phone cards are more like an ATM or a debit card. These cards store the balance information right in the card, itself. These cards are to be inserted into the card reader of a pay phone machine as these cards are basically used for the pay phones. Stored value cards indicate the balance amount on the card and display certain apparent changes with the consumption of that balance. In the beginning, stored value cards used to come with a magnetic strip which made these resembled to ATM or CREDIT cards. The next innovation was in form of embossed optical structure being embedded inside these calling cards. There used to be characters or marks on the card in order to indicate the remaining balance. This optical structure had to be heated in order to make these useless after their expiration of balance. The late set addition in the stored value phone cards is the cards coming with microchips which are to be scratched prior to the usage of these cards.

    Making calls with stored value phone cards

  • Dial the access number
  • Either key in the PIN code or swipe the magnetic strip or chip in order to get an account being identified
  • Get the information related to the balance amount
  • Enter the desired number
  • Remote memory phone cards

    These are the second type of prepaid calling cards used widely all over the world. A toll free number is being given on these cards and by dialing that, the access to a database is acquired in order to know the details of the balance amount. These cards are not being required to be inserted in any machine card and these can be operated from any sort of tone mode phones. The one significant factor being attached with these is a fact that these cards come with a low call rate and thus,, offer a very affordable call making charges.

    Making a call with remote memory phone cards

  • Dial the access number to reach the database
  • Enter a long digit PIN code
  • Enter the desired number
  • Both of these types of pre-paid calling cards are commonly used by a large number of consumers due to the convenience these offer for making local or international calls.

    Salient benefits of using prepaid calling cards

    Low call rate: Prepaid long-distance calling cards come with a significant low call rate. These rates can be compared to the high roaming charges of other fixed phones or cell phones' monthly bills. These prepaid calling cards offer low cost local calls as well and this is the reason these are so commonly and widely used. You can get a variety of these calling cards and can chose according to your requirement and affordability.

    Convenient to use: Pre-paid phone cards are very convenient to use because these can be operated from any type of phone to make a call any where in the world. Whether you are a student acquiring education in a foreign land or a traveler in another country, you simply can make a use of these prepaid calling cards to get connected with your family and friends. These are easily available everywhere.

    Maintaining the call charges: By making use of prepaid calling cards, you can very well keep a check on your monthly call charges. The monthly bills usually come with hidden costs and other sort of charges that pile up on the amount of the calls being made both locally and internationally. But, with these prepaid calling cards, you can put a stop to these unnecessary charges and can pay for only the time being used.

    Hence, in this manner, prepaid calling cards turn out to be a convenient yet affordable source of making calls. Please check our deals on prepaid calling cards on Ontario Phone Cards .