Tamas Phone Card

best for multiple calls no fees

Connected directly to Afghanistan - Roshan.
29 min / $5 for Roshan network (*79 area code).
20 min / $5 calling card for other telephone networks.

Canada to United States:   N/A
Customer satisfaction rate:  98.7%  

 For calls from Canada, see US card below

Your PIN will be instantly sent
to your email
Your PIN will be instantly sent to your email
 Card Value Minutes QTY  

Tamas Calling Card Access Numbers:

City Number   City Number
Toronto 416-800-1808   Montreal 514-418-0107
Ottawa 613-482-2607   Vancouver 604-484-9282
Phoenix 480-553-8875      
Los Angles 1 213-330-0078   Los Angles 2 310-496-8294
Oakland 510-789-0170   San Diego 1 619-764-6094
San Diego 2 760-826-0356   San Diego 3 858-210-7692
Anaheim 714-276-8399   Sacramento 916-282-3682
Irvine 949-270-5098      
District of Columbia
Washington 202-715-2900      
Alton 618-206-7032   Rock Island 309-550-7234
Champaign 217-239-8083      
Iowa City 515-954-3626      
Gaithersburg 240-433-3130   Silver Spring 301-357-8200
Baltimore 410-246-8176      
New Jersey
Jersey City 201-499-1023   Newark 973-735-9600
Champaign 217-239-8083      
New Mexico
Las Cruces 575-652-8682      
New York
New York City 1 718-475-9660   New York City 2 646-434-2425
Queens 347-338-3220   Albany 518-788-9400
Herndon 571-250-8008   Fairfax-Vienna 703-682-2353
U.S.A. and Canada
Toll Free
2¢/min extra
Roshan Premium Customer Care:1-888-444-9110
available every day from 11:30pm to 3:30pm EST (06:00am to 11:00pm Kabul Time)

Calling Instructions:
1. Dial local or toll free access number from the list
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number (sent via email)
3. Dial your destination number
4. To place another call ##

Applicable charges:
  No connection fee. No maintenanace fee. No disconnection fee. No hidden fees.
  Calls made using an 888 access number will be charged an additional 2¢/minute.
  Calls made from a payphone will be charged 99¢ at the beginning of each call.
Tamas Calling Card Terms and Conditions:
  Phone Card is not refundable under any circumstances.
  Liabilities are limited to the value of the phone card only.
  Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
  One minute billing increments; partial minutes used are billed as full minutes.
  Calling Cards will expire 90 days after first use or 365 days after activation.
  Dollar value based on a promotional rate of $0.19/minute of calling to Roshan network Country code 93 prefix (79*).
  Calling Cards cannot be used for toll free calls, calls to paid services with premium charges or for operator-handled calls.
  For any service related questions you must contact Customer Service of the card listed below.

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Amount of GST / HST will depend on the province of your residence:

  Ontario13% HST
  British Columbia12% HST
  Nova Scotia15% HST
  Newfoundland and Labrador  13% HST
  New Brunswick13% HST
  Alberta5% GST
  Rest of Canada5% GST
  U.S.A. originated orders0% No Tax
International orders0% No Tax

Amount of GST / HST will be calculated based on your billing address and added to the order total on the billing page.

Sales tax is included in the price of the card.
No extra GST or HST will be charged.