Please note the different rates for: Iran (14.7), Iran-Premium (980) (35.7), Iran-Tehran (14.7).
Please note the rates for cellular phones: Iran-Mobile (30.8), Iran-Premium-Mobile (9809) (37.7).

$5= 14 mins
$10= 28 mins
$20= 56 mins
$50= 140 mins
Top Seller
best for multiple calls no fees

Canada's Most Popular Calling Card!
Absolutely No Fees! Guaranteed Minutes!

CiCi Calling Card: call Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021) for 35.7¢.
Chit Chat phone card for Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021)

$1= 4 mins
$2.5= 10 mins
$5= 20 mins
$10= 40 mins
$20= 80 mins
best for multiple calls no hidden fees...

No PIN to enter every time. Rechargeable. Up to 20% fee may be deducted after the call. Guaranteed Minutes!

Chit Chat Calling Card Rate for calling Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021): 25.0¢.

$5= 17 mins
$10= 34 mins
$20= 68 mins
best for multiple calls no hidden fees...

15¢ charge applies after 3rd minute of call.
A 7% charge applies to the rate after 3rd minute.

Gold Phone Card: call Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021) for 29.4¢.
All Time phone card for Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021)

$10= 9 mins
best for multiple calls no hidden fees...

After the 1st minute calls are billed in blocks of 4 minutes.
40¢ fee / 3 days after the first use. Guaranteed Minutes!

All Time Long Distance Phone Card Rate calling Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021): 107.1¢.
Good Call phone card for Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021)

$2.5= 12 mins
$5= 27 mins
best for a few calls fees apply...

Rates and minutes do not include per-call service fees.

Good Call Long Distance Call to Iran-Premium-Tehran (98021) rate: 16.7¢.

Phone Cards, which are best for multiple calls are usually clean and have no hidden charges. These cards are especially good for calls to countries with low per minute rate (within Canada, to US, UK, China, European landline phones, and many more). They also good to make multiple calls to any other destination. We recommend this type of phone cards for most customers.

Phone Cards, which are best for a few calls, usually have the lowest rates. However, per-call service fees, applicable for every call, decrease the actual minutes, especially if multiple calls were made. We recommend these phone cards only when you plan to use $2.50 of the balance for 1 or 2 calls ($5 for 3-4 etc). If used properly, such phone cards are very efficient and may save up to 95% of regular call costs for calls to countries with high per minute rates. If you are new to calling cards or are not sure if cards with hidden charges will work good for your destination we recommend you to choose a phone card, which is recommended for multiple calls.

Phone Cards with "No Fees" deliver all advertised minutes and have minute-by minute billing. We recommend this type of calling cards for most customers.

Phone Cards with "No Hidden Fees" deliver all advertised minutes for every call, but in case when calling card is used for large number of calls, total number of minutes delivered by the card may be reduced due to certain per call service fees. Please check your calling card description for fee details. We recommend these calling cards for all types of calls, but you have to understand the fees and plan your calls appropriately.

For long calls to countries with high per minute rates you may get a better deal by using calling cards with "service fees" or other "hidden charges". These calling cards usually advertise the lowest rates, however, per-call service fees significantly decrease the actual number of delivered minutes. If you have never used phone cards before or you believe that calling cards with hidden charges do not work well for your country, we recommend that you consider phone cards marked as "best for multiple calls".

Calling Cards from different service providers:

Calling Cards from different carriers may provide different quality for calls to different countries.

If you are not completely satisfied with connection, voice or line quality of calling card from one service provider, you may consider calling card from another service provider.

Please note that in most cases calling cards from the same service provider provide the same line and connection quality and only differ by rates, delivered minutes and pricing structure.

Please also note that newer (promotional) calling cards from one provider may deliver better actual minutes than older (regular) calling cards with the same rates from the same service provider.

Ontario Phone Cards always brings you the widest selection of newest calling cards from different carriers and long distance service providers.

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