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Aliant Mobility Prepaid Top Up

Aliant Card Top Up

Available in these values: $10 $25 $50
Go Prepaid and choose cellular service on your terms. No ball and chain. Which is good because we don’t make a ball and chain.
  • No contract or commitment
  • No monthly bills
  • No credit check
  • No system access fees
  • Simple price plans
  • Rate as low as $0.05 per minute
  • Minutes that rollover each month
  • Great for varied usage from month to month

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Card Customer Service Number:  1-866-434-0344
Dialing Instructions:
You can always dial #321 free from your Prepaid phone (or 1-877-531-1234 from a landline phone) to apply a Prepaid card, check your account balance or find out the number of days until your current balance will expire. Even if your Prepaid account balance is $0, you will still be able to call #321
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