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The Good Card - No Connection Fee

No Connection charge. No Maintenance Fee. Excellent Connection Quality.
1-minute rounding.  Does not work from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada

Customer Review Snapshot:
This card was very "good" hehe. It was so clear,... - Wynne_Chu (23.01.2007 18:47:21)
Despite the name "Good" is too good to be true. No... - kami_jg (25.03.2007 15:37:13)
The calls I make from Ohio work well with this card.... - SFreeman (10.03.2007 18:25:00)

Reviews (4)
Price$ 5.00$ 10.00$ 20.00
Rate to USA2.30 ¢2.30 ¢2.30 ¢
Max. Minutes per Card217 minutes435 minutes870 minutes
Expiry days after first use:  90
Card Customer Service Number:  617-489-5952
Connection Fee:  None
Maintenance Fee:  None
Local Access list for The Good Card Calling Card:
USA-Alaska :
USA-Hawaii :
Fine Print (as seen on the back of card): Calling card expires 90 days after initial use. A $1.25 fee will apply for calls made from a pay phone or other public phones. Calls made to international cellular phones can be billed at a higher rate. All questions and problems should be resolved through Customer Service. Carrier services provided by BTI. All rates and applicable charges are subject to change without notice in accordance with legal requirements. Federal, state, and local taxes may apply. Services provided are subject to terms and conditions of federal and state tariffs. Application of surcharges, taxes and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on a card. We are not responsible for any other carrier charges incurred while dialing through local access numbers. The Good Card phone card has no cash value and is non-refundable.

Toll Free Access only 2 c/min higher than Local Access Rates



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