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Virgin Mobile Top Up

Virgin Mobile Top Up

Your new Virgin Mobile "Talk Text Download" card is delivered to your e-mail address 24 hours-a-day.  You do not need your account number to order your card; they are the same cards sold in-store that allow you to add cash to your Virgin Mobile Phone.

Available in these values: $15 $25 $50.  Add cash to your Virgin Mobile phone. Use your cash to make phone calls, buy ringtones, send text messages, download games… it's up to you. It's kind of like refueling your car - just top up when you're low.

Features:  Virgin phones come loaded with voicemail, call display, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, text messaging capability and more – all with no monthly service charges!

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Price$ 15$ 25$ 50
Card Customer Service Number:  1-877-873-7748.
Dialing Instructions:
With your 16-digit top up card code, top up any of the following ways for FREE:
  • Go to the My Account menu on your mobile; or
  • Dial #111 from your mobile (it’s free!); or
  • and click on “top up”; or
  • Call 1.888.999.2321 from any other phone.
Fine Print (as seen on the back of card): $15 Virgin Mobile cards expire 30 days after you add the funds to your phone.  $30 and $50 cards will expire 60 days after you add the funds to your phone.

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