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Fido Vouchers at Phone Card Depot:  Your new Fido voucher is delivered to your e-mail address 24 hours-a-day.  Please Note:  A 15% convenience surcharge is added to every purchase.

FIDO $20 and $30 vouchers offer you more with the new longer validity period. With the $30 airtime voucher, you enjoy a rate of 15¢ per minute. What's more, this voucher's validity period has doubled from 30 to 60 days. With the $20 airtime voucher, you get a rate of 5¢ per minute during evenings and weekends. Plus, this voucher offers a validity period of 30 days—that's 10 days more than before

Prepaid Service includes:

  • Standard Voice Messaging and Call Display, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding
  • Long-distance rate of 10¢ per minute any time of day, for calls within Canada and to the U.S.
  • No contract to sign
  • Access to international calls: 

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Price$ 10$ 20$ 30
Card Customer Service Number:  1 888 481-FIDO (3436)
Dialing Instructions:
  1. Purchase a Fido prepaid airtime available at
  2. Call *46 on your Fido handset
  3. Enter your 4-digit secret access code
  4. Enter the 12-digit number that appears on your airtime voucher
Fine Print (as seen on the back of card): Service agreement and equipment purchase: terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions of the Agreement between you, the customer (and, where applicable, the person responsible for the account) and us, Fido Solutions Inc. (or "Fido").

When you activate your Fido Service, you acknowledge receipt of the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement, and consent to a credit check, if necessary. The terms and conditions of this Service Agreement must be respected in order for Fido Service to remain active. Customers activating Fido Prepaid Service should pay particular attention to the terms and conditions appearing on the next page.

We thank you for the confidence you have shown in Fido. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. If a problem does arise, please contact Customer Service at 1 888 481-FIDO (3436). We will do everything possible to resolve the matter. ...



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