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Online Phone Cards

Online Phone Cards


Traditional prepaid phone cards are bought at the post office, convenience stores or gas stations:  Online phone cards use the same technology to allow discount international and domestic calls, but are delivered via e-mail.  Since no physical paper card is used, lower costs are passed onto the consumer and trees are saved because the cards are no longer printed.  New:  if you are looking for a calling card from Canada, view our new article:  Canada Calling Cards

Phone Card Depot delivers all online calling cards via e-mail; the e-mail will contain a picture of the calling card ordered and the PIN and local access number needed to initiate the long distance call.  To use the online phone card, dial the access number followed by the PIN number provided.

Benefits of online phone cards:
1.  Instantly delivered via e-mail
2. Clear description of rates online
3. No pressure-some sales
4. PIN numbers are safely stored in your e-mail for future use
5. Can be easily forwarded to a friend

Order online phone cards in 3 steps
Step 1:  Search online phone cards
Step 2:  Buy online phone card
Step 3:  Make international calls instantly



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