Prepaid Phone Cards by E-mail

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DEMObile Prepaid Cards

Your new DEMObile voucher will be delivered to your e-mail address 24 hours-a-day.

DEMObile vouchers offer you more flexibility with our $15, $25 and $50 minute denominations.  A new longer expiration period will help you ensure that you always have talk-time available. 

DEMObile™ services include:

  • Voice Mail and Call Display, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding
  • Long-distance rate of 12¢ per minute any time of day, for calls within Canada and to the U.S.
  • No contract to sign


  1. Dial *123 from your DEMObile phone
  2. Enter the PIN number sent to your e-mail address




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Price$ 15$ 25$ 50
Fine Print (as seen on the back of card):

"Airtime" is a registered trademark of DEMObile.  DEMObile vouchers are to be used in accordance with Federal and Provincial regulations governing the acceptable use of prepaid mobile phones and shall not be used for illegal purposes.  The voucher recipient is responsible for ensuring that vouchers purchased are compatible with their current calling plan.  All vouchers expire 60 days after activation.



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