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Rogers Pay as You Go - Prepaid Airtime

Rogers Pay As You Go

Rogers Pay As You Go at Prepaid Cards at Phone Card Depot:  Your new Rogers card is delivered to your e-mail address 24 hours-a-day

Available in these values: $10 $20 $30 $40.  This prepaid Pay As You Go allows you to add airtime to your Pay As You Go account. No contract, monthly bills, system access fees or credit checks. Free call display and no monthly fee for Voicemail and Text Messaging. Free incoming calls from other Pay As You Go™ phones. Minutes roll over. Rates as low as 4¢/minute.

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Price$ 10$ 20$ 30
Important Reminders:  If you're on an Evening & Weekends plan, you have to recharge your account with a minimum of $20. Any unused airtime is rolled over when you top-up your account before the expiry date. The All Day Plan requires a minimum $20 top-up each month. Any unused
Fine Print (as seen on the back of card): Please read the following agreement regarding your wireless service carefully. If these terms are not acceptable to you, do not activate and use the wireless device; return the device in the original box to the location where you purchased it.
This agreement must be read in conjunction with the applicable prepaid pricing brochure and Getting Started Guide that is currently in effect. By using this Service you agree to be liable for the payment of all charges and other obligations under this agreement. ... continue reading ...



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