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Local Access Numbers

Using Local Access Numbers at Phone Card Depot

Pay a lower rate per minute by using your prepaid phone card's local access number instead of the national 1-800 or other toll-free number.

All toll-free access numbers, with the exception of several province-wide CiCi Calling Card access numbers contain an extra per minute charge ranging from 1.9cents/minute to 3.0cents/minute.  To maximize your long distance savings, it is important to choose a calling card that has a local access number in your area.  Access numbers for specific cards can be found by clicking "Details" under the picture of the card from the Phone Card Depot search results.

Phone Card Depot wants each of our customers to have a great experience saving money with their prepaid phone cards, using local access numbers is important to reducing your cost per minute.

CASE STUDY- What is my Total Rate per Minute
Which card should you choose?  You live in Abbotsford, British Columbia and wish to call Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1.9 cents/minute within Canada
Extra Fees:  NO
Abbotsford Local Access:  NO
Nation-wide Access:  YES (2.5cents/min)

3.3 cents/minute within Canada
Extra Fees:  NO
Abbotsford Local Access:  YES
Nation-wide Access:  YES (2.5 cents/min)

You will be forced to use a Nation-wide access number for Card A because no Abbotsford Local Access number exists.  With Card B, you are able to use the local access number.  Below are the total fees:

CARD A:  4.4cents/min
CARD B:  3.3cents/min

Card B is the best choice.



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