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Phone Card Depot's prepaid phone cards are each tested by our customer service representatives.  All of our cards are the same cards that you will find at traditional outlets such as the post office, convenience stores and gas stations.  Phone Card Depot ensures that all prepaid calling cards are tested for rate accuracy, sound clarity and excellent customer service.

All of the prepaid phone cards sold at Phone Card Depot are cellular compatible and new cards such as AVEO are rechargeable, allowing customers to retain the same PIN number even after the initial prepaid balance has been used.

Phone Card Depot:  Phone Cards by E-mail uses the same HackerSafe Security and SSL encryption as the worlds largest online retailers.  Phone Card Depot customers know that their credit card is safe, and that no personal information is ever shared with any third party.

Be one of the thousands of North Americans that achieve significant long distance savings from any of their phones:  home, office, school or travel.  If you are not completely satisfied with your prepaid phone card, Phone Card Depot will refund your money or provide you with a replacement.

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