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Can Calling Card Reviews be Trusted?

Finding the Right Calling Card
All you are looking for is an honest calling card that can be trusted with each use.  It is difficult to believe all of the 3rd party reviews and 'comparison' shopping websites that claim to provide an unbiased record of a product's key qualities and value.  It is difficult because most of these sites get paid a commission per sale, the item that is most highly reviewed typically yields a high rate of commission to the reviewer.

Phone Card Depot Publishes Non-biased Reviews from Customers Like You
At Phone Card Depot, all of our calling cards yield us the same profit margin.  If users continue to support a particular card by purchasing it and submitting positive reviews, Phone Card Depot will continue to stock the card.  If a card receives negative reviews or is not purchased by you, we will suspend the card from our inventory to keep an honest line of products available to you and new users that may be your friends or family.

Which Reviews does Phone Card Depot Publish?
Phone Card Depot publishes all legitimate calling card reviews submitted by our users.  You are a smart consumer, investing your money in a product that you have likely never tried before:  we want you to continue to shop with us.  This is why we offer all users the opportunity to share their experience with the world via our "Reviews" section.

Thank you for trying Phone Card Depot and allowing us to continue to save you and your family money on long distance.




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