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Faxing with Calling Cards

Calling card users can send long distance faxes with calling cards to save money.  To send a long distance fax using a prepaid phone card, follow these steps.

How to Use a Calling Card with Fax Machines

1.  Dial the calling card access number with your FAX or a nearby phone connected to the same line as the fax machine.
2.  Enter your PIN
3.  Enter the destination fax number (i.e. 1-750-293-5467)
4.  Listen for fax connection signal
5.  Press 'Send' or 'Start' on your fax machine

Note, when using a calling card, your fax confirmation page will likely contain the calling card number as the destination number for the fax as most fax machines do not support a large number of digits in this input field.

Saving the Calling Card Number in your Fax:  Setting up a dialing sequence with pauses
Most fax machines allow for a dialing sequence including 'pause' breaks to be stored in the fax machine's address book.  This is ideal for storing the calling card access number and PIN for quick use.  In order to program your fax, follow the same steps as listed in one of our most popular articles:  Programming Calling Cards into your Cellular Phone.

Saving the Calling Card Number in your Fax:  Setting up a dialing sequence without pauses
If your fax machine does not allow for pause dialing we suggest that you store the calling card access number in one address book entry, and the PIN in another.  To dial out, first activate the address book entry with the access number.  Once this first sequence has finished dialing, press the second address book entry representing the PIN number.




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