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Have calling cards disappointed you?

If you have ever been disappointed by a calling card:  Keep reading, you are not alone.  In their quest for quick revenue, many calling card companies have created cards that will only be purchased once by smart consumers that trust they will receive the minutes promised.

Below is a short list of Canada's most honest calling card providers that have been in business for over a decade. 

Below is a list of Pre-paid long distance cards that will enable you to:

1.  Beat your regular phone company's rates
2.  Restore your confidence in alternative long distance
3.  Eliminate dropped calls
4.  Save money.

Use Phone Card Depot's search bar on the home page and select one of the following cards:
CiCi Calling Card
Aveo Calling Card
First Choice Calling Card

Why are other cards offered if these are the best?
Consumers have e-mailed Phone Card Depot and asked for a greater selection.  We have added more cards to satisfy this demand.  However, most of the time, you will find that these cards are the only calling cards that make it to our top search choices anyway.

Are all Phone Card Depot cards tested?
Rigorously.  Each card is tested by Phone Card Depot staff every 2 weeks to ensure that the manufacturers chosen have not changed their rates or disclaimers.  This is why we only offer a limited selection of cards.

If you are not satisfied..
E-mail us at  We investigate all complaints and will remove the card from inventory if you have been mislead.




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