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How to Recharge Your Phone Card

Now you can keep the same PIN number, even after the initial balance runs out. Here is how you do it. This feature is currently only available on AVEO brand calling card.


Step 1: Purchase an AVEO Calling Card

Your card will start with either a 5, 10, 20 or $50 balance. You can start using the card immediately.


Step 2: Recharge your AVEO Calling Card

You can recharge your card any time after you have purchased one. Go to the Aveo Calling Card Page and click "Recharge". A screen will be displayed that allows you to select the card you would like to add funds to. We require this step just in case you have bought more than one AVEO in the past.


wait Step 3: Wait 24 Hours

It takes us 24 hours to process your recharge, so try to recharge your card before it runs out.


Step 4: You will receive an e-mail

When your card is recharged, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have added funds to the card.


Step 5: Use Your AVEO

Now, dial the local access number and use your original PIN. Now you will hear your remaining balance: it will have increased by the amount of your recharge.


NEW: PIN-less Dialing (Beta Version*)

You can now register your phone number with our AVEO card. We have not yet created an interface for you to do this online, instead "contact us" and include your AVEO card PIN number and up to 5 phone numbers that you usually use the card from (i.e. your cell, home, friend's phone, etc.). Now, when you use your AVEO from any of these phones, you will not have to enter your PIN number.

The secret is that our calling card system recognizes the phone number you are using and enters the PIN for you. Please remember that if you've purchased more than one AVEO in the past, you must recharge the one that we've connected your phone numbers with. If you have questions about this free service, please contact us.

*Beta Version: The system works perfectly, it has been labelled "Beta" because we don't yet have a web-based method for you to manage your registered phone numbers.



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